Thursday, March 11, 2010

50-mission Officer's Crusher

I found this excellent, near-mint WWII-era officer's crusher cap at Deseret Industries for $5.00 last week. The officer's crusher was so named because it could be 'crushed'. The stiffener was removed from the top of the hat so that the wearer could fit the ear phones over the top in flight. The flight model had a single-layer leather bill that allowed the hat to be literally folded in two and carried in a pocket, though few did so. The officer's model is different from the enlisted man's model. The main difference, other than quality, is that the officer model has a cloth knit band around the base of the hat, and also has a larger eagle device.

My hat was manufactured by Knox, New York. It is named to Jay M. Strong and has his Army serial number as well. Haven't found out anything about this gentleman yet. The hat is near-mint, appears to have been worn only a few times. The ear phones on the hat did not come with the hat.

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Alyssa/Jo said...

My grandpa's name is Jay M. Strong and that is his handwriting on the crusher cap. He passed away 2 weeks ago. My great aunt was doing research on him and his life and came across your blog. It was neat to see his name written on the hat in his handwriting. Thanks for posting.