Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nose Art Tribute--Again

As a site dedicated to remembering WWII airmen, how could I not post some great photos of nose art done by red-blooded American men who, in the words of the British, were "Over-paid, Over-fed, Over-Sexed and Over-Here"?

Thanks to Richard Havers for the first and fourth photos on this posting. I also added this nose art of Betty Grable after Richard mentioned her in a comment. She was WWII's number one pin-up girl.

Those offended by nudity will, no doubt, be offended. However, these are historical documents! Many of the wives and girlfriends who were the models for nose art are now in their late 80's.

In the words of the men of the Air Corps in the 1940's, 'Hubba-Hubba'.

Of course, as shown below, sometimes a strict CO could take all the fun out nose art.


Richard Havers said...

Wasn't Betty Grable one of the stars that was often the inspiration for the nose art?

The woman with the million dollar legs!

Unknown said...

Gee Whiz Rob, I could look at these photos all day! (ahem)