Thursday, September 6, 2007

No-Politics Zone

I'm from Idaho, and Idaho has been in the news lately due to the indiscretions of our conservative Republican Senator, Lary Craig, who apparently acted inappropriately in a public restroom at the Minneapolis Airport.

The vast majority of blogs on the internet are political in nature. This one never, ever will be. Do I care that Larry Craig is a hypocrite? Not really. He's a politician, for Pete's sake. 'Honest politician' has, unfortunately, become an oxymoron.

This website is devoted to World War Two airmen, and to American veterans in general. I will stick up for Veterans' Rights on every issue. Our veterans deserve the best medical care, housing, and education available to any American.

Sadly, this is not the case in our country.

Our political system is very sick, and if it doesn't get fixed, we as a nation are in serious trouble.

As long as special interests control the political process, the rest of us are merely pawns.

Why is it that none of the children of our leaders is serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? Why is it that the White House is planning a wedding while the parents of Iraq vets are planning funerals?

Is it for the same reason that our leaders themselves never served in Vietnam?

My heart is with my four friends--Aaron, Mike, Sam and Joe who have served a combined 12(twelve) tours in Iraq. My four friends have an average age of well over thirty. They have 13 children altogether. They are good men, working men, who grew up without special privileges. All four will be going back to Iraq by the end of the year---again. Their wives get to raise their children alone while they wait--and pray--that their husbands return alive and un-maimed.

It is up to the poor man to die in the rich man's wars. If the rich man had to fight the war himself, it would be long over.

I salute the men who honor our country with their service, despite the incompetence of our leaders. If these men die, they die a hero's death---but their blood will be on the hands of the politicians who put them in harm's way.

I salute all veterans of all wars. The Vietnam vets never got their due. They served honorably in a war that the elite escaped. The Persian Gulf vets have also served with great courage and distinction. So, too, die our Korean War and World War Two vets.

I no longer believe in any political party. I will vote for the person I think can put the rights of the American people above party, prestige or money.

God bless our veterans. May we never forget them or their sacrifices. And may we someday have statesmen---rather than politicians.


Richard Havers said...

Great post Rob. You've nailed it perfectly. As the old adage goes they are just "lions led by donkeys." Like you I find the whole political process frustrating and depressing where people constantly talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk. Unlike you I keep banging my head against the brick wall, which proves you're much smarter than me! Having said that I've lost energy for the fight of late, perhaps it will return, perhaps not.

r morris said...

Richard, I remain guardedly optimistic that a nation that could produce such great leaders as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR can still produce such men.

Where are they?