Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Feature: Ask a WWII Airman

Okay, time for a new feature. Is there any nagging question you've always wondered about the men who flew the heavy bombers over Europe in WWII? Well, here's your chance to get an answer. Leave your question here and I'll forward it to some of my buddies who flew in WWII. When I get an answer, I'll post it.

But it only works if people ask the questions. Don't be shy. What do you want to know? My friends are all experts on survival in the cold deadly skies and they are guys who I have a feeling will have good answers.

Any questions?


Les said...

O.K. It took me a while to come up with a question because I had the opportunity to ask my grandfather, Bill Bates, Maurice & Dan and other veterans at the 100th BG reunion, but here's one:

Did the training you receive adequately prepare you for the experience of aerial combat, or, after your first experience with enemy fighters did you feel like you had been thrown into something that was impossible to prepare for?

Les said...

question 2: As you got further into your missions, did it get tougher to go on them or easier. Easier because you'd already been through the experience or tougher because you had fewer to go and had thus far been lucky?