Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lovely Day for a Virtual Run in the Country

Hay stacks and tractor
Newly-planted fields, with Taylor Mountain in background.
Old storage shed on farm.
Anybody for snowmachining? Wait a minute...the truck and machine have been sitting there for twenty yearsStarting to climb to the top of the hill. Quiet, peaceful, except for the occasional motorcyclist.

On top, looking out over the Snake River Plain.Starting down off the hill. Notice the snow.

Looking over the edge of the hill. Motorcycles do hill climbs on it.
Trail running and target shooting do not mix. A fired, but unspent, high caliber bullet on the path.
Still life: Deer carcass with beer can and other trash.

Coming down off the hill.

Farm machinery. I almost got nailed by a car that was passing illegally right about here. *&^$%

Ah, a warm spring day...the first of the year. It's been a long winter here in Southeast Idaho, and I'm assuming some of my readers haven't been on a long run for a while either, so I took my camera and snapped photos every so often along my eight-mile jog. My destination was a large hill about four miles from my home in Ammon. To get there, I run along a series of old country roads, past cattle farms and hay farms, then climb through a new subdivision of upscale homes and onto a steep sagebrush rise. This gets progressively steeper until I reach the top, where I can see for twenty miles, all the way across the Snake River Plain. Then it's time to go back down the other side and back into town, a little sore but feeling great and reinvigorated. So lace up your shoes and come along for a run in the country.


Richard Havers said...

I'm exhausted!

jams o donnell said...

Wow I'm glad you took photos. I'd be a wreck after that jog!

Les said...

any chance you're training for the Bataan Memorial March next year, Rob?