Friday, June 20, 2008

Home From Travels for 95th Bomb Group

The 95th's main runway at Horham.

An old hardstand on the 95th Base at Horham, rapidly being reclaimed by the verdant vegetation of the region. My host Alan Johnson, who put me up in his house for six nights. We had fish and chips, went to a party, and hoisted a few beers when not working. Here Alan stands in front of the Red Feather Club, a passion of his for many year. Alan grew up near the base and has dedicated his life to remembering the American servicemen who came to the small town many years ago.
With my mentor and co-author of our upcoming history, Mr. Ian Hawkins, at his home in Bacton.
Christine and Richard Havers outside their home in the Scottish Borders. In the background is the spacious, luxurious guesthouse where they put me up for the night.

Looking out a window in the old base hospital at Horham, home of the 95th Bomb Group.
James Mutton in front of his old school in East Anglia.
Traveling in style with Alan and James, we took their wonderfully-restored original JEEP to the 100th BG base at Thorpe Abbotts.
One of several brilliant murals painted on the wall of the Red Feather Club on the 95th base at Horham, lovingly restored by the Brits who keep the memories alive.

Temple Bar, downtown Dublin. River Liffey, Downtown Dublin.
Roses of Tralee, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland.

Just home today from my business trip to the England with a side trip to Scotand and Ireland. There to write the 95th Bomb Group (H) history, one of the great B-17 outfits of WWII, based near the small town of Horham in East Anglia.
Looking out towards Dingle Harbor, County Kerry.

I will post a travelogue over the next few days of the trip.

My thanks to my hosts, including Alan Johnson, Norman Feltwell and James Mutton in Suffolk and Richard and Christine Havers in the Scottish Borders. Such gracious hosts! I can't thank you enough.


Richard Havers said...

Glad you're home safe Rob. It was a pleasure to have you visit and even more delightful to find you're just as nice in real life as on your blog.

Looking forward to hearing more on your travels, particularly in Ireland....

jams o donnell said...

Wow it looks like you had a great time. I hope you enjoyed your time in Ireland. I'm taking my parents back to Ireland on holiday next month.

r morris said...

Jams O', it was great. I loved every minute.
Thanks, Richard and Christine, for your hospitality.

Les said...

Glad you had a safe trip, Rob and welcome back! Looking forward to reading all about your trip and especially the 95th BG history.