Saturday, December 27, 2008

Six-Mile Run, Dec. 27: A Cold, Snowy Day

Right: The runner thaws out after his run.


Alexander Jay said...

Great blog, glad to have found it.

Yvonne said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

I love your blog. It is the only one I subscribe to and I actually read each post.

Keep up the great work!

r morris said...

Alexander, glad to have you as a reader. Please subscribe and I promise some great entries in the near future.

Yvonne, so good so find you here. How are you? You do so much to keep the memories alive, it is I who should thank you.

Les said...

Rob, Thanks for posting this! I haven't run in more than a month after a bout with bronchitis and my exam, but this post was just what I needed to get me out the door and do 4 slow and easy today. O.K. I'm exaggerating the easy part!

p.s. Your run was about 10,000X more scenic than mine.

r morris said...

Les, someday you and I will run the Bataan Death March run together.

Les said...

yes indeed!