Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WWII Veteran and POW Dan Culler's Flag Vandalized in Arizona

If this doesn't make you mad, nothing will. I am posting this email from my friend Dan Culler, who was a B-24 flight engineer in WWII and endured several years of torture as a Prisoner of War. His American flag and his POW flag were cut down by vandals.

"To all Americans,
Some time last night, this is what some vandals did to my driveway and cut down my American and POW/MIA flags letting them lay on the ground. If this is what happens in retirement Green Valley, Arizona, GOD have mercy on the rest of America. This 85 year old man spent the morning on his hands and knees trying to get some of it off, but I'm afraid my new driveway is ruined. I'm very much upset about the drive way and garage door but mad as hell about my flags. I was in WW11 and Korea and a POW and is this the thanks I get. This is the only time I have asked anyone to pass anything along the internet, but please do. Dan "


Mark Hughes said...

Dan.. I am so angry and sorry that these people disrespected you and this country. Please know that these type of people are few compared to the majority of us who thank you for your courage and efforts to help keep this country's freedom.
God Bless you Dan and thanks again for all that you did.

Mark Hughes.. son of Hell's Kitten tail gunner John ( Red ) Hughes

Bruce Rosten said...

Dan, I just read what happened to you in the book "Untold Valor". I have to say how ashamed I am by you treatment by the Switzerland gov't but also by our own gov't. You have my most he artful best wishes and thanks for your service to our Nation.