Sunday, February 7, 2010

Remembering Larry Thornton of Idaho Falls--MIA in Vietnam

The AC-47D 'Spooky', similar to the one on which Thornton and crew were lost.

Photo Montage from the Virtual Wall website hyperlinked below.
MIA Larry Thornton's memorial stone in the Iona Cemetery. As of 2003, Thornton's remains have not been found. The crew was lost Christmas Eve, 1965 on a mission.

While running in the country last weekend, I stopped in the Iona Cemetery to take some photos. I noticed one grave belonging to a Korean War and Vietnam War veteran who was listed as Missing in Action. After taking a photo, I went home and did some research. The story is quite compelling, and illustrates the sadness surrounding all cases of Missing in Action men and their families.
Larry Thornton's story is on the Virtual Wall, and can be accessed by clicking on this hyperlink.


samlombard1313 said...

this is a really great blog, my son is doing a school project on the war and he has found this blog so helpful, and he used some of the photos his teacher was very impressed, we also found some great info at londonpics4u on the world war 2 in london page ww2 in london and some amazing photos on the gallery page, i will be reccomending this blog to others.

r morris said...

Thank you very much, Sam. If your son ever needs something specific, let me know. ~Rob