Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Google Earth Allows Aerial Tours of 13th Bomb Wing Airfields

95th Bomb Group Air Field, Horham. In the lower portion of the photo is the tiny village, and in the upper is the main runway and taxiways.
Above, the 390th Museum at Parham/Framlingham, Suffolk.
Above, the 100th Bomb Group tower at Thorpe-Abbotts, Suffolk.

I'm enjoying surfing the world with the new, improved GoogleEarth. It's an amazing program, with satellite imagery of literally every spot on the planet. The new version even allows you to swoop down and see the contours of the land and buildings in 3-D.

Above, larger cities like London even get the 3-D building effect.

Above, looking northeast from my neighborhood in Ammon, Idaho.

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