Friday, June 5, 2009

B-17 'Sentimental Journey' Walkaround, June 5, 2009

This photo was taken by my friend Roger Gottlob as the 'Sentimental Journey' flew over his house in Ammon, Idaho a few days ago. I had no photos of my own of the plane in flight, so I was very happy to get this one. Rog also took the photos below on June 7. The bottom photo shows his grandson.

My photos follow.

The Sentimental Journey arrived in Idaho Falls this morning. Of course I went to see it. Here are my pictures. This is one of the very few flying B-17s left in the world. One is struck by just how tight and cramped it is inside. Imagine flying at 25,000 feet, at fifty below zero, on oxygen, with bulky flying clothes, on the bomb run, while watching flak burst around you and fighting off German fighters. Can't do it? Me, neither. God, I admire those men that flew the heavies. I'm proud to know them.

.50 cal. waist gun

Looking aft from top turret gunner's position.

Majestic bird. Tail gunner position.

Top turret visible in front of tail.

Radio Operator's Compartment

Navigator's Table

Navigator's position (L) and Bombardier's position (C) in nose.

"Leonard's Office", also "Maurice's Office". Two dear friends who risked it all over Europe so we could be free.

Bombardier's position, chin turret, pilot and copilot position above.

Bob Cozen's office (pilot's position) Not to mention all the other great pilots I've known, like Gale House, Dewayne Bennett, Lefty Nairn, Grif Mumford, Bob Morgan, Lyle Shafer, James Geary and too many more to mention....

Gimbel for ball turret (at bottom). Where my dear friend Bob Capen rode out his missions, as well as Les Poitras's grandpa Leslie Moore.

Lovely lines...

Ball turret gimbel, from waist position, looking foreward through bomb bay towards flight deck.

Cockpit. "Fighters, twelve o'clock high!!"


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