Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Header Photo on Blog

(Photo credit, Co de Swart)

In May, 12 members of the 95th Bomb Group returned to their base "somewhere in England"--the B-17 Flying Fortress base at Horham, Suffolk, near the North Sea.
My new header photo, taken by Co de Swart, shows some of the 95th's bomber boys with reenactors outfitted in World War Two Air Corps fight gear.
The 95th flew 321 combat missions from May 13, 1943 to April 20,1945. In addition, it flew 7 'Chowhound' missions, dropping 465 tons of food to the starving people of Holland in 1945 and four 'Revival' missions to pick up POW's and Displaced Persons.
156 B-17s were lost in combat; 36 in other operations. Over 1,000 received battle damage.
599 95th Bomb Group airmen paid the ultimate price and were killed in action, with seven missing and presumed dead. An additional 851 men became POWs, internees, evaders, and 171 were wounded in action.
The 95th was the first American bomb group to bomb Berlin, on March 4, 1944.
I am currently writing the unit history of the 95th Bomb Group, and the book on this prestigious and tight-knit outfit will be out next year, I'm thinking.
I visited Horham last year while researching the book, and made many new friends "on the other side of the pond". Hope to return someday.


jams o donnell said...

Great photo! I do like it

r morris said...

me, too, jams!