Friday, October 26, 2007 Debate---Best Plane of World War Two

As an aviation historian living in rural Idaho Falls, Idaho, I find I have nobody to talk aviation with (other than my friend Marshall, who flew B-29s in Korea), so I talk 'shop' online most of the time with like-minded folks. has had some excellent discussions on history of late, and I've been participating. It's a good way to touch base with other people who share my interests. I started a topic tonight on the best planes of World War Two. I know many of my blog readers have opinions on this, so click this link and jump right in!!


Andrew said...

Great blog... should be more like it. My Grandpa was the youngest night bomber pilot in Korea and one of the oldest F-4 phantom pilots in Vietnam (where he got shot down), it's hard to imagine the same man I see almost everyday and work with did all that and sometimes I don't even think about it. But your blog made me.

My prayers are with your two friends.

r morris said...

Andrew. Thanks for your comment.
Your Grandpa is a very brave man and you should sit down with him and a tape recorder and have him tell you the whole story. Not only would it preserve his legacy, but it would also bring you two closer.

I knew several pilots who were shot down in Vietnam. Those guys had to sit in prisons for many years, under harsh treatment. Those guys are heroes.

My two friends and I appreciate the prayers.