Sunday, October 21, 2007

Paper Modeler Honors Great Warbirds

John Morris built this P-47 Thunderbolt and the planes below from paper, using glue and a few other materials. Paper model-building is a fast-growing hobby in the United States.

The current generation of paper models are incredibly complex and realistic. One modeler, John Morris, who also happens to be my brother, has been building paper models for several years. These models can be downloaded off the internet or ordered as kits. They require incredible patience, precision cutting, and lots of time. In fact, I'm not sure I'd be able to do one, though John sent me one last week of a B-17 that I'm going to attempt. John has always been superior to me in building things with his hands. I think you'll agree his efforts are impressive.

Here are some photos sent by fellow aviation buff (and my brother and good friend) John Schupfer Morris of Euless Texas. For more information on paper modeling, contact me and I'll forward the information to my brother. The P-47 is entirely of paper (except the glue). All but the Me 109 were downloaded from the internet and printed on my brother's printer using thick-stock paper.

Here are the production credits for the models:

The P-47 is available here:

The PB4Y is available here:

The MiG-3 and the P-40 are available here:

John Morris writes:

"P-47 made ENTIRELY of paper, absolutely nothing else (except glue). Others have wire or toothpicks in landing gear struts.* All except Bf-109 downloaded from internet and printed on my printerbefore building. Bf-109 purchased preprinted in a booklet by Orlik Models.* MiG-3 has a clear canopy that I purchased."




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