Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tribute to Vietnam Vets

My friend Jay is providing me with lots of great stuff for the blog today.
Jay, a Vietnam pilot, sent me this website, which is a visual and audio tribute to those who died in Vietnam and to the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Washington.

Jay writes: "Turn on your sound. These were the people I knew. Actually the couple of pilots that went down I knew are still MIA."

Just click this link to see the show. The music is by country great George Jones.

Thanks, Jay. May we never forget these young people. God bless them all.

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Carol Lee said...

Did your friend Jay know Ed Davis, also a Navy pilot? I went to his service in Arlington last May, about this time. Not sure which was tougher; burying Ed or watching his comrades' emotions.
I pray God keeps a watch over his daughters, Jennifer & Amanda--as well as mom Elaine.