Saturday, March 8, 2008

Old Faithful Inn--A National Treasure

Bruce Becker, an excellent photographer and the husband of a teacher at my school, took this shot at Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park, just a short drive from Idaho Falls. The Inn, built back in the early years of the Twentieth Century, is one of the crown jewels of the National Park system. The interior architecture in the great hall consists entirely of native trees and rock. It must be seen to be believed. Bruce has come close to capturing the majesty of this old inn with this shot.

He writes: "I was messing around with photoshop this morning. The attached image is the combination of over a dozen seperate images. The final shows the lobby of the Old Faithful Inn."

Bruce has a website where you can see all his photos. A gallery of Bruce's outdoor photos are found here:

My favorite Becker shot is below, shot of a field of Lupines below the Grand Tetons, also only eighty miles from Idaho Falls.

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