Thursday, August 2, 2007

Author of 'Rhapsody in Junk' on radio this morning

I just received word that my friend and colleague Marilyn Walton, author of 'Rhapsody in Junk', (see my previous story on the book at this link: ) is giving an interview on a Cincinnatti radio station in roughly an hour. I know that's short notice for most readers, but hopefully a few will be able to listen. Marilyn's dad flew on a B-24 and was shot down, becoming a POW. Her extensively researched and intensely personal book is the result of years of work, a real labor of love on her part and a fine tribute to her late father.

Marilyn writes:
I am being interviewed on Cincinnati radio this afternoon. If you are bored and not doing anything, you can listen to the interview on. at 1-1:30.
Since this is easy to do, all the Germans I met are listening! Boy, my dad would have gotten a kick out of that!

The link doesn't appear to be hyperlinked. However, when I cut and pasted it into the address box, it popped up fine for me.

That's one o'clock Eastern Time, noon central, eleven Mountain, and ten Pacific.

Give Marilyn a listen. It's sure to be interesting!


Les said...

I am sorry I missed this Rob. I had planned on listening to it but then got caught up in something here at work. How was it? I'm sure it was great. I will be sure to read Marilyn's book.

r morris said...

Les, Marilyn is getting a copy of the program and I'll post the link when I have it.
PS--You will love the book. I did.

Les said...

great. I'm looking forward to both the book and the recording. Thanks.

Abby said...

Did you ever get a copy of the program from Marilyn?