Monday, August 20, 2007

Listen to Author Marilyn Walton's Interview about Rhapsoday in Junk

A PBS station in Ohio recently interviewed my friend and fellow author Marilyn Walton about her excellent book 'Rhapsody in Junk'. Please see the archive for my review of this book, which I highly recommend.

To listen to the interview, click on this link, find Rhapsody in Junk, and click on the segments of the interview one at a time.

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Les said...

I listened to the interview and enjoyed it immensely. It is refreshing that Marilyn has done this research about her dad and that she is becoming so involved with preserving his legacy.

Marilyn points out how these men didn't concentrate or focus on what they had went through but simply moved on with their lives when they came back. That seems amazing to me. Maybe they were just so thankful for being alive and what they had and making a better future. I could see that character in my grandfather. He didn't talk about the war much.

It was interesting to learn about I'll have to tell Bill, the bombardier from my grandfather's crew, about that.