Monday, August 6, 2007

More on Military Vehicle Restoration

Writing hard on my novel today. The men are on the infamous 'long march' across Austria and Germany, one of the great stories of WWII and one of the least known.

At break-time, I went and surfed around on the HMVF website some more. (See previous post). What a fun hobby these military vehicle restorers have! It looks like it would be an expensive one, but as one hobbiest wrote in a posting 'who knew being skint would be so much fun?'.
I'm going to post a couple photos I thought were particularly interesting. Some of these vehicles must have started out in a scrap heap somewhere, and the amount of time and effort needed to restore them has got to be monumental.

I am unsure whose vehicle this GMC is; however, I'm sure somebody from the Forum will respond to this blog entry with more info so I can credit the builder fully.

Before, and....


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