Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sports Break--Barry Bonds Breaks Home Run Record

A swing for the ages. Last night, Barry Bonds broke the home run record with this swing.

Last night, Barry Bonds broke the all-time home run record in San Francisco.

In hitting his landmark homer against the Washington Nationals, the 43-year-old San Francisco Giants slugger eclipsed the record held by Hank Aaron for the past 33 years.

The home-run record is one of the greatest achievements among the many records of America's national pastime.

For the past several years, Bonds has been the center of a raging controversy about the use of power-enhancing steroids. He has denied using them, but other athletes who have played on his team have testified under oath that he did. Critics point to the fact that Bonds' body grew unnaturally later in his career. His hat size went up, and so did his foot size, long after grown men are done growing.
A before and after side-by-side comparison of Barry Bonds taken early in his career and recently.
Another photo of Barry Bonds earlier in his career (above), and, (below), more recently.

Whether he did or not, Bonds is the new home run king, though his record will likely always have an asterix next to it until the steroid charges are disproved.

Neither the commisioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, or the previous home run king, Henry 'Hank' Aaron, were in attendance when Bonds slugged #756.

I remember watching Hank Aaron hit the home run that put him past the great Babe Ruth. It was an exciting moment. Aaron had to endure hate mail and death threats from racists who didn't want a black man to break Ruth's record. Aaron was a gentleman of true class. The fact that he was not on hand when Bonds broke his record is perhaps his quiet way of casting his own doubts on the validity of the new record.

Henry 'Hank' Aaron, former home run king.

The Sultan of Swat--the Bambino--Babe Ruth, who some believe will always be the king.

In any case, records are made to be broken. 756 is a lot of home runs, but there is one young player, Alex Rodriguez on the New York Yankees, who has a good shot at toppling Bonds in ten years or so, if he can stay healthy.

In a cartoon critical of Bonds, this artist has shown Bonds literally growing over the years.

Congratulations, Barry. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. You are, for now, the king of the dingers.

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Les said...

That's great for him! But, if he was using steroids while achieving this record it is illegit, IMO.