Friday, July 27, 2007

Best Show on American TV---DOGFIGHTS on History Channel

An actual CGI frame from the outstanding History Channel series 'DOGFIGHTS'.

If you live in the United States, this is the best show on television right now (assuming you love air combat history). The History Channel's 'Dogfights' offers a new episode every Friday night. I just finished watching this week's, where the P-47 Thunderbolt was matched up against the Me109. The show is good for the following three reasons:

1. Superb CGI (Computer Graphics Animation) re-creates individual dogfights in amazing detail, right down to the markings on the plane.

2. Interviews with the actual participants. These are interspersed with the CGI to explicate the action.

3. Superb narration explains the action and tactics.

The show deals with dogfights in all wars, from World War One through Desert Storm. This has been an action-packed season. For those of you who live overseas, the season is available on DVD from Amazon or eBay for about half the History Channel's price of $49.95. I saw multiple sets at around $25.00.

If you love this kind of thing, this show will be a prize in your DVD collection. I give it my highest recommendation.

Here is the official History Channel link. This link allows you to watch video from the show and has lots of neat information and graphics.


Richard Havers said...

Hopefully we'll get it soon as the HC is broadcast on our satellite service.

r morris said...

You and your dad will love this show.

Joel said...

No--I can't even tell you; I found this show about four weeks ago and I literally pull my hair out scrambling to get home to watch it on Friday.

This is 'the best show on tv,' maybe even "period." It's brilliant.

More authentic than any regular documentary, more action-packed than any's simply brilliant. The graphics, the discussion on tactics including how each plane matches its opponent and how the pilots used their specific advantages against one's just the best television show on TV (at least since the end of HBO's "Rome").

Anonymous said...

The History Channel has canceled the show....