Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Few More B-17 Pictures

A few more photos of the B-17G 'Sentimental Journey' that flew into Idaho Falls last month.
The bombardier's perch in the nose, with the B-17G's chin turrets. These turrets were added after the B-17F proved vulnerable to frontal attacks.
The ball turret gunner's position under the ship. The ball turret gunner protected the underside of the ship from his rotating position.

Shot of the tail gunner's position on the aircraft. The top turret is visible atop the aircraft. The photo below was shot from the top turret gunner's position, facing the rear. The twin fifties are visible on either side of the Plexiglass in both photos. The strange color in the photo below is the result of the polarization of the Plexiglass.

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