Friday, July 27, 2007

Music to Remember--Glenn Miller

I'm ripping off Richard Havers' 'Album of the Week' idea here, but at least I'll do it with a tip of the hat.

This week's album is Glenn Miller's awesome 'Moonlight Serenade'. Miller provided some of the most memorable songs of the war years. I can never listen to Glenn Miller without thinking of my dad, who loves Miller and who played it on our record player when I was growing up. The sounds of the big bands of the thirties, forties and fifties is unforgettable, and not only to those who were there. Many younger people have fallen in love with the sound of Miller, Basie, Ellington, Harry James, Tommy Dorsey and more.

Miller was an officer in the Army Air Corps and perished during the war while on a flight to entertain the troops. A brilliant musical career was cut short. Many people refer to the crash of Buddy Holly's plane as "the day the music died", but the same could be said for the tragic and untimely death of Glenn Miller.
Listen to the tracks on Amazon at this site, and order it while you are there. They are practically giving this CD away.


Anonymous said...
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r morris said...

knicksgirl should be called 'spamqueen'.

Richard Havers said...

What a brilliant idea this album of the week is! :)