Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to John Havers

A very happy belated 80th birthday to John Havers of England. John is a fellow aviation historian who has written some wonderful books about civil aviation in Britain. I have several of his books in my personal collection, and read and enjoy the stories in them greatly.

John has dedicated his life to aviation and his efforts to preserve the stories of civil and military aviation is an inspiration to me and other writers.

Happy birthday, John!


John Havers said...

Thank you Rob, most kind of you! Not at all belated, in fact ahead of the game, for my birthday is on Friday 20th. It would seem that all the best people have a birthday in July; best wishes to your Dad for his. Best regards, John

r morris said...

John, amazing thing. My dad's birthday is also July 20. He was born in 1929.

Les said...

Happy Birthtay to both John Havers and Rob Morris's dad!

What an honorable and worthwile effort to write about the great heroes of WWII! Cheers and Cheerio (a' la Maurice Rockett) to your endeavors, may you all live long and prosper!

John Havers said...

Apologies for this late response but the birthday celebrations went on for days and only now back home. How amazing that I should share a birth date with your Dad; do hope he had as good a birthday as I did, thanks to Richard & Christine