Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oregon Trip

A cow-loading chute out in the middle of the Oregon Outback.

We had a good time in Oregon visiting with my parents, who live in Ashland, and my brother, who lives near Dallas, Texas and also came to visit. Here are some photos from the trip, for your viewing pleasure.

We visited the town of Jacksonville, Oregon, settled in the first few years of the California Gold Rush. Many of the downtown buildings were built in the 1850's.

We left Ashland at four a.m. Pacific Time (five a.m. Mountain) and arrived home in Idaho Falls at about eight p.m. Mountain Time, for a travel time of fifteen hours. The shot below is typical of the country after you leave the desert and go along the river canyon.

One of the strangest things we saw on the drive is this tree. We pass it twice a year, but this time I stopped and took some photos. The tree is along the side of the road and has hundreds of shoes tied onto its branches. I have absolutely no idea why. The Indians used to tie things on trees but I don't have the slightest idea why this tree is 'the shoe tree'.

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