Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book Recommendation--Harry Patch, WWI Vet

My friend Richard Havers of England recommended this book about one of the men profiled in my previous posting, Harry Patch, who is the last surviving soldier to fight in the trenches in World War One.

Mr Patch, whereever you are, thank you, and you are one amazing guy.


Richard Havers said...

Rob, my friend Chris Tiffney has just got his hands on a memoir from the First World War written by the grandfather of a friend of his. He's bringing it over tomorrow for me to read and we're going to see if we think it's worth getting publishing. Chris feels that it is and just needs some fleshing out to better contextualize it.

I'll keep you posted.

r morris said...

Sounds great. We need books like this to get published more often.
Yes, please, keep me posted.

r morris said...

PS: Sometimes, dreams come true. I've been pushing for years for the publication of Frank Irgang's 'Etched in Purple'--and it is getting published next April. I am more happy about this book getting published than if one of my own was.