Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WWII D-Day Infantryman Memoir 'Etched in Purple' to be Re-Issued by Potomac Books in April 2008

It is with great excitement that I report that the best infantryman's memoir to come out of World War Two, 'Etched in Purple', by Frank Irgang, will be re-issued by Potomac Books in April of 2008.

If a reader ever wanted to live the life of an American infantryman in Europe, from the D-Day landing to the hedgerows of France to the wintry forests of Germany, this is the book to get. First published by Caxton Press in 1949, the book was the catharsis of a young vet who had seen some of the worst fighting in Europe and then had the guts and the sensitivity to write about it graphically and honestly. This book will change whoever reads it. It changed me.

I invite all my readers to be on the lookout for more information on 'Etched in Purple'. I think it may well be the next 'Band of Brothers', only better.


Les said...

"Next 'Band of Brothers' only better"!!!

I'm reading it!

Richard Havers said...

Great news Rob. I can't wait for my copy. When can I pre-order?

r morris said...

Les, you will love this book more than Band of Brothers or I will eat a B-17 whole.

Richard, the pre-orders will begin when the new 2008 catalog comes out.

I'll try to get both of you, Les and Richard, a signed book plate from Frank.