Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flying Boat Fights Fires---Great Shots

My friend and fellow aviation fan Richard Havers of England sent me some amazing shots of a vintage Martin Mars flying boat being used to fight fires. The pictures say it all, but here are Richard's comments:
"Martin Mars flying boats were used during the recent Californian fires. The US fire-bombing force was limited to using modern aircraft given the recent ban on older aircraft, but being on the Canadian register, the Mars could be engaged.How low can a man go?"
An accompanying comment with the photos reads:
"Coulson was likely under contract to fight the fires in S. CA and it looks like Lake Elsinore was a convenient water pickup site. The daring pilot of this magnificent relic apparently needed every bit of the length of the lake to effect a successful water pickup and still get off the lake. There is zero wind, too. I especially like the first photo where the pilot seems to be picking a path through the salt cedar bushes.....It must be an expensive chore, keeping those Wright Duplex Cyclones clanking away!"


Richard Havers said...

My Dad sent them to me Rob....I don't want him getting upset at the lack of credit!!


r morris said...

Credit for this goes to the British aviation historian and my good friend Mr. John Havers.

By the way, if you are a Brit interested in civil aviation, there are no better books than those by John Havers. Give them a read!!