Sunday, November 18, 2007

Internet Unites People of Similar Interests

I read a fascinating article in the Sunday paper today. It was about how the Internet, instead of making people less connected to others, has made people more connected. The article discussed the fact that people are able to find people on the Net who share their interests and that many people, men especially, seem to be able to open up better to people online than in person.

This is certainly true, at least for me. I made most of the prep work for my book online. I have also made many good friends online, many of which I have never met in person. The Net has a way of bringing together people world-wide who have the same interests. This has been a Godsend for me. After all, how many people in Idaho Falls, Idaho share my love of World War Two aviation history? How many could relate to the problems of working a full-time job and also trying to write books? I have felt like an odd man out most of my life out here in the remote parts of the U.S. However, thanks to the Net, I could write my books and also find people with similar interests. This has been a great source of comfort to me, as a historian and writer. The idea that someone is trying to make money as a writer in Idaho Falls is so unusual that nobody I come in contact seems to be able to relate to it. Maybe it's not like that in New York City, but it is certainly like that in Idaho.

Great article. Very true. I have friends on the Net who are as dear to me--or more so--than many I have in my own physical sphere. Is this unusual? I guess not anymore, thanks to the web.

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