Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dinner and Music with Heroes

Hi all, Les Poitras again here.

Tonight was a great night. Bill Bates, the bombardier of the B-17 crew to which my grandfather belonged, invited my family to join him at a barbeque with plenty of beer and live music at his assisted living facility in Mansfield, MA. Bill's good friend and B-24 navigator, John Silvis, was there also.

Once again, I got to sit down, break bread with and listen to a couple of guys who "were there". I love listening. I could listen to them for days on end about what the ETO air war was like for them, what life in America was like before and after that experience - an America that is free because of them and those like them.

l-r: me, Bill Bates, John Silvis

God Bless you Bill and John and those like you. Thank you for inviting my grateful family to dinner.

p.s. At 87, Bill is as girl crazy as I ever was in my teenage years. Watch out ladies! :)


r morris said...

Damn, Les, your posts are getting better than mine! :)
God bless men like Bill and John. Gentlemen, I salute you both, from across the miles.
Wish I could have joined you three for an evening of good conversation and libation.
God bless,

Les said...

It was a great night, Rob. I know you would have enjoyed talking with the two of them.

I love their B-17 vs. B-24 banter!

Les said...
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