Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite Photos and Paintings: Part One

The following is a gallery of favorite images, in no particular order or theme, credited when possible. Double-click images to super-size on most of them.
DeWayne Bennett's plane limps home.
Idaho Lupines, by Bruce Becker, a photographer friend of mine.
Gil Cohen. Rosie's Riveters
Scott Nelson, artist. Gale Cleven's plane goes down.
My favorite, 'When Prayers are Answered' by William Phillips. The cover art for Untold Valor.

Final Mission.
390th BG painting, artist unknown.
Rexburg LDS Temple at sunset, Idaho.
Salt Lake LDS Temple. I took this one.

Bruce Becker, Tetons.
Bruce Becker, Tetons.

Buzzing the field in 'The War Lover'
William Phillips, the Doolittle Raid.

Random greatness.


jams o donnell said...

Wow what a selection. I love the lupin photo. Stunning

r morris said...

thanks jams

Captain Awesome said...

The painting you have listed as "390th BG painting, artist unknown" is actually entitled "Square J's at Framlingham" and the artist is Merv Corning.

I own it and I love it!