Friday, August 8, 2008

Terreton Wedding and First Rain of the Summer

L-R: Eric 'Erky' Davis, Son-in-Law Jacob Cody Davis, three groomsmen, Trevor Good, Katie Davis Good, two bridesmaids, my daughter Nicole Davis (second from right) and Cody and Katie's sister Sarah Davis. In front are some flower girls.

Looking out from the back yard at the fields. Lovely.When I drove away, I took this photo of the farmstead and windbreaks from the outside.

We went up to Terreton for Cody's sister Katie Davis' wedding to Trevor Good. The wedding was held at Jim and Sharon Park's farmhouse, in a lush stand of windbreaks on their farm. Beautiful location, beautiful wedding. On the way home, we got the first real rain of the summer. Grandson Eric 'Erky' Davis was a ring-bearer. He sure looked spiffy in his green tie that was almost as tall as he is.

The storm rolls in. On the high plains, storms only hit small areas. You can see the edges of it in these photos.

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