Friday, August 22, 2008

My Main Job

Most readers don't know that nine months out of the year, I am a public high school teacher, and have been one for 23 years now. I'm back in this role as of this week, and working hard getting ready for a new school year at Emerson Alternative High School in Idaho Falls, an alternative school of 150 students who have not succeeded in the traditional school setting. I'll be teaching Western Civilization in the mornings for three hours in a one-block class, and 9th grade through 11th grade English all in the same class in the afternoon. Challenging to say the least. It's a strange life, being a writer in the summer and a teacher the rest of the year. Both jobs pay poorly, but the rewards are great. If the number of blog entries falls, it's because I'm busy, because this year, I will teach and continue working on the 95th book as time permits.


Kimberly Arthur Lindner said...

Good luck on Monday!

I graduated from an alternative high school, and I wouldn't have been able to pursue my project if I had not been given the option!

My school was an independent study program, so I only met one-on-one with a teacher for an hour once a week, and then went home and finished my assignments relying on my own resources and initiatives.

It was actually a pretty harsh lesson in time management, but it also allowed me to travel a lot with my parents. We had a second home in Mexico which I spent a lot of time at during high school.

I graduated in 2001 feeling like my teachers truly knew me. Although I wasn't in a classroom with them 5 days a week, we were able to establish relationships and friendships which I've actually managed to keep to this very day!

Anyways, I've written a lot now, and it's getting late here in Stockholm.

Again, good luck, and best wishes to you!

r morris said...

Thanks, Kimberly.
Yes, the alternative system is a real good thing for many students.

Les said...
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Les said...

Hi Rob,

I really like the idea of the school at which you are teaching. I don't believe that public school as it is necessarily has all the answers. Every child is different and has their own unique needs. I often find myself saying: "I wish there were alternatives" so I like what you are doing. I hope you have a great year and I'll try to be a regular contributor to your blog. -Les

r morris said...

Thanks, Les. Yes, please donate regularly.
It's like giving blood--great intrinsic rewards.

jams o donnell said...

I hope the new school year goes well.

r morris said...

thanx, jams.