Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New School

Here are some photos of my new school, Emerson Alternative High School. Roughly 150 students, grades 9-12. Two three-hour classes a day, plus one three-hour block at night. The building used to be an elementary school. There are 9 classrooms total. I'm on the second floor.
Thought some people might be interested, especially those from other countries that wonder what our schools are like in Idaho. This is one of the oldest school buildings in town, but actually quite nice inside and out.


jams o donnell said...

Three hour classes? That's a long time to keep interest going!

Richard Havers said...

Rob, like the look of the place and Happy that you're enjoying the new school. The pictures of the wedding area sure made us want to visit!

r morris said...

Jams, the three hour classes require some innovative teaching, and lots of gear-switching. But you can get a lot done if you do it right. It can get boring otherwise.

Richard, you and Christine are welcome any time. The elk start bugling in a few weeks, and the colors are superb, but from October to about April, we are in deep freeze and unless you like to ski, not much fun.

Maybe you could come next summer?

Jams---you too!! I'll show you that Irish hospitality lives among the emigrants.

And speaking of hospitality--those Havers sure know the meaning of the word. I still think with great fondness on my time spent at your place.