Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Photos from Vegas Airport

Gunsight and .50 caliber shells from a B-17.
B-17 memorabilia, including operations book, flare pistol, slide rule, and throat mike.
More B-17 stuff, including gauges, a checklist, and manufacturer's plate.
I spent an overnight in the Las Vegas Airport on my way to Georgia, and had lots of time to wander around the terminal. The casinos had kindly planted gambling machines everywhere around the airport but since I felt like holding onto my hard-earned cash I did not succumb. There was a museum on the second floor of McCarran Airport that I highly recommend. IN addition to having the Cessna 172 endurance plane and Howard Hughes' old Ford T-Bird (used as a fire and rescue vehicle in the fifties and early sixties), they had a museum. Here are some photos I took at that museum. Enjoy--and if you are ever in Vegas, make sure to check it out. It is on the second level, overlooking baggage claim.

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