Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Air Corps Novel

This summer I am writing a WWII novel with a twist, about a man from Montana who goes back in time to try to save his father's life. His father, a B-17 pilot, was killed on a mission over Germany. There are some strange elements in this novel. For instance, the main character goes back in time with an old Blackfeet Indian medicine man who was a ground crew chief in WWII. This results in more than a few misadventures along the way. It's a little bit out in left field, but I think it will be good.

What makes the novel exciting to me is that I have a large staff of experts advising me every step of the way on all things about the Army Air Corps and the air war in Europe. I send them questions every day or two and they faithfully respond. I am keeping a record of all responses, and I'll share some from time to time.

My thanks to my crew of experts, all of which help in all areas:

Ground Crew Expert--Will Lundy, Ground Crewman, 44th Bomb Group

Early Air War Experts--Bob Cozens, 95th Bomb Group; Leonard Herman, 95th Bomb Group; Maurice Rockett, 95th Bomb Group.

Ball Turret Advisor--Delbert Lambson, Ball Gunner, 390th Bomb Group (also a POW)

Prisoner of War Advisors--Don Lewis, 15th Air Force Gunner, Stalag Luft VI; John Carson, 15th Air Force Gunner and Radio Operator, Second Bomb Group; Norris King, B-17 gunner whose plane, Sugarfoot, was shot down by Swiss antiaircraft; Dan Culler, flight engineer, 44th Bomb Group. Detained in Swiss federal prison of Wauwilermoos.

Of course, all these guys are helping with all aspects of the book. It is my hope to be done by summer's end. I get up and work every day on it. I can't guarantee success, but I'll do my best to honor you all.

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