Tuesday, June 19, 2007

B-17 Walkaround, Idaho Falls, Sentimental Journey

This week, the Confederate Air Force's B-17G 'Sentimental Journey' is in town. What a lovely aircraft! For five bucks, you can walk through. For $450, you can take a ride. I did the walk-through. It's amazing how cramped for space it is inside this aircraft. I can't imagine getting around in it at fifty degrees below zero, in a bulky flight suit, with a walk-around oxygen bottle, while fighting off fighter attack and trying to maintain my footing despite turbulence, prop-wash, and flak. All the more reason to take our hats off to the men who flew this majestic plane.

Navigator's Station

Bombardier's Station Looking towards the rear, from behind cockpit. Bomb bay with narrow catwalk in center, beyond is radio room and waist. Ball turret is yellow, center.
Radio Room

Ball Turret


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Anonymous said...

man, i got to fly in that plane! :)
it was so awesome. ill never forget doing that