Sunday, June 24, 2007

P-51 Mustang Salute

Three-Mustang low-level flyover
"Old Yeller" taxis in.
"Mormon Mustang" taxis in. Many Mormon pilots dubbed their steeds in honor of their faith.

Last June Geri and I went up to Rexburg to watch the Legacy Museum of Flight Airshow. Here are a few photos of P-51's, several owned by John Bagley of Rexburg. The yellow P-51 is the famous "Old Yeller" formerly owned by stunt pilot Bob Hoover.


Richard Havers said...

I have to admit I've always liked the look of a Mustang over a Spit or Hurricane.

r morris said...

They're all beauties. Was it the Hurricane that actually had more 'kills' in the Battle of Britain but never seemed to get the accolades?

Richard Havers said...

It was Rob. In today's parlance the Hurricane looked less 'sexy' than a Spitfire.

Mike said...

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