Tuesday, June 19, 2007

B-17 Photos

Anyone wishing to copy and use these photos of the B-17 'Sentimental Journey', please feel free. I took them and I am glad to share them.


Ted Michalek said...

Some 15-20 years ago I visited the New England Air Museum at Bradley Field in Windsor Locks, Conn. While there, I remember seeing an airplane with the engine in the nose position.
A museum employee said it was configured to test engines. Whether the engines were manufactured in Connecticut, I did not ask. Not sure it was a B-17, again didn't ask, or assumed I knew at the time. Maybe you can contact the Museum and they can give you particulars. Hope this helps some.

(As a side note, the Museum was building a BeeGee, at the time of my visit, out of wood, to a set of plans that the designer's wife gave to the museum.)


Jim Drude said...

That particular B-17 was at one time owned by Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, which manufacturers aircraft engines. They used it as a flying test bed. That aircraft is again flying after being severly damaged by a tornado.

(Google "The Liberty Belle" to find additional information on this aircraft and where it is now.)

Jim Drude said...

I have found a better bit of history on this particular B-17aircraft that Ted Michalek writes about.