Friday, June 22, 2007

Bone Race Saturday

Scenery on the Bone Road between Idaho Falls and Bone, Idaho

In March I had surgery on my right knee again. The healing/rehab was slow (partly because I passed on the physical therapy and re-habbed it myself), partly because of the nature of the surgery. I was unable to run until late May. However, I committed to running in a team ultra-marathon June 23, tomorrow, so I have been training every day to prepare for it. Each runner goes 5 miles on variable terrain. Last year I tackled a steep section and did well, but I was in shape. This year will be more of a challenge. My wife is also on our 8-person team.

There is an interesting history behind this race. Many years ago, in the mid-80's, two of my teaching colleagues, Math teacher Chuck Ferguson, an accomplished long-distance runner, and History teacher Norm Stanger, a cowboy, challenged each other to race from Idaho Falls to the small 'town' of Bone, Idaho, population two, and back to Idaho Falls. Norm was allowed to change horses along the way. The distance round-trip is 40 miles. In the first Bone Race, Norm narrowly defeated Chuck, with only a few spectators on hand. They repeated this race in 1989. Sadly, Chuck Ferguson passed away five years ago.

The race now attracts several hundred runners, mostly local but some from far away. I run on a team sponsored by my wife's former boss, a urologist. Our team name is always a play on this, such as the X-Stream Team. One year I drew a little cartoon of a kidney named Kal for our shirts. After we run, we all get together for a barbeque at Dr. Taylor's house. It's great fun.

The Bone Store, Bone, Idaho. In the middle of nowhere, and the turnaround point for the race.


Les said...

Rob, congratulations on the race! The bbq afterwards sounds great (hint as why I need to run myself). If you ever make it out to the east coast, I'll have to take you to Blue Ribbon BBQ. Best Q I've found out here.

r morris said...

Hey, anything with Blue Ribbon in it is all right by me, seeing as how I'm a Pabst drinker! I'll come see you someday, Les.

Richard Havers said...

Five miles seems like a marathon!

Les said...

Rob, How'd the knee hold up? Did you try the X-factor knee brace or something similar?

r morris said...

Les, I didn't use a brace at all. I had a little trouble on the uphill portions, so I did walk when it got rough. Still ran my leg in under 45 minutes so I was happy.