Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Proud Grandson Keeps the Memories Alive

I have been very blessed to make the acquaintance of a gentleman by the name of Les Poitras. Les's grandpa, Leslie B. Moore, was a ball turret gunner in the 100th Bomb Group in World War Two, and Les has been rediscovering the stories of the war years in the past few years. Les is like my twin brother in some ways--neither one of us can get enough of the air war history or talking to the veterans who were there. We read all the books we can find, talk to all the vets that we can catch up to, and write about our findings to each other and to anyone who will listen. Les has volunteered at the 100th BG website as a webmaster and has a good message board going over there. You can check it out by clicking on this link:

I am thankful for guys like Les Poitras, because his passion and his love of air war history ensures that the stories will stay alive.

Les sent this photo taken yesterday of himself with his grandpa's A-2 jacket. Les writes that he treasures this jacket, given to him by his grandpa, and that all these artifacts will end up in a museum if anything happens to him.

Les, you honor your grandfather's memory. He'd be mighty proud of you.

Keep 'em flying!

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