Thursday, June 14, 2007

Les Miserables & Rolling Stones

For many years, one of my favorite musicals has been Les Miserables. This year, a Broadway-approved cast (whatever that means) is performing the play at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The musical has been held over for weeks due to popular demand. When I read that the run would be extended, I got tickets the very next day. Subsequently, my wife Geri and I are sitting near the front. When you live in Idaho, sometimes you have to drive a ways to see things like this, but we go to Salt Lake a few times a year and it's not a bad drive, only about four hours. About once a year, we try to get out of the boondocks and see something exciting. Last October I went to our old town, Missoula, to watch the Rolling Stones rock Montana for the first time in history. It was a thrilling event for me. My perfect four concerts would be Beatles, Stones, Frank Sinatra and Elvis, so I guess I'm just going to have to settle for one in four.

At right, Grizzly Stadium, Missoula, hosts

the Rolling Stones, October 4, 2006. This photo was taken from the mountain next to the football stadium. Stage is lower left. I am somewhere in the cheap seats right of center.
Below, Mick Jagger and the Boys may be getting along in years, but the mates can still put on a great rock show. Here Mick belts out a number, with bassist Darryl Jones (I'm still missing Bill Wyman) and Keith Richards providing a little mood music.

This post has nothing to do with WWII, but it does serve as my excuse slip for not posting tomorrow or Saturday. I'll be back with more stories of WWII on Saturday evening or Sunday.


Richard Havers said...

Les Miz is just the best musical ever written in my view. I saw it half a dozen times in London in it's first five years in the West End. It never failed to make me cry, even knowing the ending!

r morris said...

Yes, my guess is I'll cry--and I never cry. :)

Les said...

Hi Rob. I've never seen Les Miserables, but with your endorsement I'll check it out.

My 'almost' ideal concert already happened. It was on Aug 15-17th on a farm in New York. It would have been IDEAL if Joni Mitchell, and of course, the Beatles were there.

r morris said...

Are you referring to Woodstock, Les?
One of my friend's brothers went to it. At nine years old, I was too little.

Les said...

Hi Rob. Yes, that's the concert I'm referring to. I'm a big fan of many of the performers of that original, 3-day fest. + I love so many people gathering together like that.