Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mystery Airman for June 16

Nobody guessed on the previous mystery airman. It was our former President, George H.W. Bush. President Bush ditched in the sea and was rescued by an American submarine. Other flyboys in this area were less lucky. For more on their ordeal, I highly recommend Jim Bradley's 'Flyboys', not to be confused with the WWI movie of the same name.

President Bush parachuted out of his Avenger torpedo bomber. His two crewmen were killed when the aircraft hit the ocean. A few years ago, President Bush took another parachute jump, this time for fun.
President Bush is shown here on a parachute jump in 2004 to celebrate his 80th Birthday.

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Les said...

Hi Rob. I read Flyboys. Another very difficult, horrifying and eye-opening read, which forces the reader to pause and consider the level of sacrifice that has been made on the behalf of freedom.

I'm thankful to writers like you and James Bradley who keep us educated.

Having read that book, I might have guessed the mystery Airman if I'd tried harder! --Les